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Digital Health

Our healthcare world is increasingly digital.

Standalone and device-integrated digital technologies unlock novel mechanisms and potentially bring significant value to the healthcare landscape. But currently, few products have effectively monetized that potential. 

Digital therapeutics and connected care have the power to improve outcomes and change the cost profile of care. Introducing health IT solutions can fundamentally change the consumer experience.   

However, to unlock the power of these opportunities, innovative strategies are needed. We support our clients in creating a dedicated go-to-market strategy – with options that adapt as the market evolves.  

With over 35 years of experience in healthcare technology, connected care and digital therapeutics, we combine our deep expertise with our clients’ knowledge to help deliver successful growth and monetization across the digital landscape.  

Health IT

As treatments become increasingly automated, Health IT is expanding.

This includes a range of software technologies used by stakeholders across the care continuum. It covers everything from record keeping, monitoring and patient-facing care solutions, to software as a service, and artificial intelligence and ML technologies for B2B. 

Due to their secure foothold in the world of life sciences, health IT products face a different set of monetization challenges: Increasing competition, growing consumer sophistication, and the consolidation of point solutions.  

That’s where our team can help. With over 180 completed projects in health IT, our expertise supports clients to deal with the broad spectrum of end-users, including healthcare providers, patients, hospitals, and health systems. We make sure to support your health IT solution on its journey to sustained profitable growth. 

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Our approach

We are known for our hands-on approach and expertise.

From analyzing data to developing the right roadmap to tackle your issue, from theoretical setup to putting an actionable plan into practice, we work alongside your team to achieve the goals we’ve set together.

Our team combines specialist digital health, functional, and digital expertise. We know how to monetize innovations and transform businesses to keep ahead in the digital world. From strategies to tangible outcomes, our solutions are made to last.

With specialists in each area of the healthcare value chain and deep local market expertise, we help you to drive commercial success and transform your business to keep ahead in the digital world.

From strategies to tangible outcomes, our solutions are made to last. We ensure that our solutions are tangible and effectively implemented.

The ultimate measure of our success is your success.


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