Business model (r)evolution for profitable growth

The medical technology market is going through unprecedent change.

Medical technologies and products are increasingly integrated facilitators in diagnostic, treatment, and care workflows.

And data is now an essential element in clinical decision making.

In parallel, provider-budgets are increasingly constrained. This means tension between providers and suppliers at a time when they are also trying to shift relationships from a transactional basis to partnerships.

The availability of digital technologies has greatly reduced the hurdles of implementing and scaling new business models. Digital solutions have unlocked unprecedented growth opportunities and opened the door for transformation. The commercial operating model is moving away from in-person and relationship driven sales models towards models enhancing customer experience as their primary objective. For companies this means rethinking business models and future portfolios, targeting the right segments and customers, exploring new monetization and contracting models, and enhancing commercial effectiveness and efficiency.

This is where we can help. Our deep and long-standing expertise in the medical technology space empowers companies to seize these opportunities and unlock a better kind of growth. We bring over 20 years of experience across various technology categories, applications, and regions, and know how to manage the complexity of local markets in a global context.

We combine sector, functional and local expertise to help you make the right strategic choices and unlock better growth in a dynamically changing market environment.

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Our approach

We are known for our hands-on approach and expertise.

From analyzing data to developing the right roadmap to tackle your issue, from theoretical setup to putting an actionable plan into practice, we work alongside your team to achieve the goals we’ve set together.

We take a 360-degree approach to understand the behaviour and needs of the me market, combining our expertise and agile mindset with our client’s knowledge to unlock your sustainable, profitable growth potential and do so at pace.

With specialists in each area of the healthcare value chain and deep local market expertise, we help you to drive commercial success and transform your business to keep ahead in the digital world.

From strategies to tangible outcomes, our solutions are made to last. We ensure that our solutions are tangible and effectively implemented.

The ultimate measure of our success is your success.



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