Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)

Creating positive impact

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In 2022 we revised our purpose and values. The next chapter of our story is growth.

Our size and scale mean that our results create an impact for not only our clients but also their customers, the wider community, and the environment. That’s why we are making ESG a priority. It is our responsibility to incorporate transparency, sustainability, social aspects, and credibility into every business decision we make. It is part of our culture and corporate philosophy.

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Putting ESG at the heart of Simon-Kucher

Our vision is to generate sustainable growth and have a positive impact on our people, our planet, our communities, and our clients.

With our ESG strategy we have created a strong foundation for our future direction and aim to increase transparency by publishing an annual ESG Report.

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We will achieve our ESG goals together as one team
Anne Rupp, Global Director ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance

Our ESG strategy and dimensions

  • ESG Management
  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Governance

ESG Management

Enhancing transparency by reporting on our performance and maintaining an open dialogue.

Our ESG vision is to generate sustainable growth and have a positive impact on our people, our planet, our communities and our clients by doing what we do best: Unlocking better growth. Therefore, we strive to anchor ESG throughout our entire company by incorporating ESG into every business decision we make.

Climate protection

Tackling and reducing our direct and indirect emissions.

We developed our climate strategy with an ambitious goal: achieve science-based targets by 2030 and aim for net zero in the future. We are pushing to reduce our energy consumption, switch to renewable electricity in our offices, minimize our emissions from business travel, and roll out internal educational programs to raise awareness of climate and environmental issues.

Transparent business practices

Ensuring ethical and professional business practices and the highest data, IT, and cybersecurity standards.

We operate with fairness, transparency, and integrity in our interactions with our clients, suppliers, and internal stakeholders.

We ensure data protection and cybersecurity to protect our clients’ property through our information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001.

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