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Simon-Kucher’s Digital Health Trends Study 2022

Reaching the commercialization summit

Commercial success for digital health solutions

Our Digital Health Trend Study 2022 shows that businesses in the healthcare sector are facing challenges in new areas. 

In 2019, we saw that healthcare companies failed to successfully implement a digital strategy despite their big ambitions. Many of them struggled to monetize digital health products and services. They lacked internal market access capabilities and were not able to unlock access. But overcoming obstacles related to access was only the first step to commercializing digital health solutions.

The bigger hurdle now is solving problems related to uptake.

digital health trend

of healthcare companies have a digital strategy in place


of healthcare companies invest broadly in digital


direct and indirect revenue impact of digital products and solutions in the next 5 -10 years expected


healthcare companies see major challenges related to uptake generation

From market access…

... to uptake generation

Access for digital health solutions is just the first step for commercial success: How to generate uptake of digital health solutions has shifted in the center of strategic considerations.

According to our study results, key challenges of the industry are related to communicating the right value proposition, raising awareness as well as educating HCPs and patients, finding the right revenue model, and identifying the right stakeholders.

digital health trends

How to drive HCP and patient adoption of digital health solutions

Today, healthcare companies engage in a set of activities to drive HCP and patient adoption of patient-centric solutions.

To identify the key success factors needed to generate uptake of patient-centric digital health solutions, we look at the industry’s current focus areas and compare them to preferences by HCP representatives. Furthermore, we provide an analysis of what industry champions do better than industry laggards.

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