Case Study

Developing the go-to-market approach for a German energy provider


We helped our client, a German energy provider with over 300 million euros in sales per year, optimize their direct sales -to increase market competitiveness and the profitability of the internal and external sales force.

To achieve this, a partner program for external door-to-door (D2D) sales teams was developed to identify and retain important sales partners and to further expand the collaboration options.

In our analysis, we focused on four major goals: 

  • Increasing our customer’s revenue in their D2D channel 

  • Driving their sales by improving coordination of sales activities  

  • Retaining the best performing sales partners through rewards to strengthening the relationship with top partners and to increase their sales performance  

  • Enabling partners with a sales app and training them to sell energy+ products


We set out to define the attributes of “premium” and “standard” sales partner by conducting a detailed performance segmentation

We also evaluated and selected sales app providers and defined a roadmap for the implantation based on our clients functional and nonfunctional requirements.

In more detail, we set up a detailed sales improvement program by… 

  • defining a go-to-market strategy for future door-to-door sales via external partners 

  • finding qualification criteria and processes for standard and premium partnerships 

  • setting up sales territory allocations and protections 

  • adding incentives for individually agreed sales targets 

  • giving training opportunities for sales partners 


An incentive program to reward and retain top sales partners!

More specifically we helped our client to… 

  • develop a ready to implement partner program including incentive scheme and training curriculum define a suitable product portfolio for external door-to-door sales partners 

  • select the best sales app to enable a fully digital sales process