New AI contenders in town  

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After Google's recent announcement of Gemini, Apple quietly released their own MLX framework native to python. The recent releases, into what seems like an AI race with OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo, herald a new chapter in artificial intelligence technology.

Google boasts proficiency in imagery and videos, claiming superiority with its multi-modal structure. We anticipate the results as the public test of performance as it is released on December 13th.

The game changer: How GenAI impacts business

We're at the brink of an AI evolution. Recent developments in GPT-4 Turbo and Gemini signal a shift toward faster, more cost-effective business solutions. However, it's the caliber and quality of the prompts and training data that will truly dictate success for a business that can leverage the technology.

Consider Generative AI tools to offload the mundane, freeing up your teams to tackle strategic initiatives that matter. We've identified three transformational areas:

  • Enhancing customer interactions with GenAI: Imagine not needing vast teams to sift through customer data to extract actionable insights. With your own customised 24/7 virtual assistants and tailored marketing communiqués, your customer service will soar, resulting in reduced churn rates and elevated satisfaction. Instantaneous, automated responses, in the customer's own language, will become your new normal. 
  • Supercharging sales intelligence: Each stage of the sales cycle can be revolutionized. From spotting prospective clients with pinpoint accuracy to deploying virtual sales coaches and dynamic cross-selling suggestions, GenAI could be your competitive edge to win customer hearts while boosting your bottom line. 
  • Unlocking operational AI efficiencies: Delve into your operations to pinpoint where AI can bring a competitive advantage. Be it parsing through contracts to highlight the commercial nuances or combing RFPs for technical requirements for your optimal responses, GenAI could guide you to peak efficiency. 

Start your AI journey with Simon-Kucher 

Embarking on the AI journey can feel bewildering. But assessing the commercial viability and technology applications doesn't have to be a maze. At Simon-Kucher Elevate, we've crafted a comprehensive framework to navigate this landscape. We'll help you strategically integrate GenAI capabilities into your business model, keeping you ahead of the game. 

Ready to capitalize on the potential? Reach out to us, and we'll show you the way forward in this AI-powered business era. 


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